Welcome to Woolii


Established in 2010, and under holding 13 senior engineers and more than 300 sets of mask making machine, recently we have developed new automatic production lines with 60 machines. All these make the annual capacity of dust mask as 100 million pieces, and brought us to be the leader of mask industry.

Our products has exported to USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, HongKong, Taiwan and etc. over 60 countries and areas.

Bases on the national standard LD29-2006, GB/T2626-2006, GB2828-87, GB2829-87 and combined with the different standards in different countries, Woolii are developed to fit different people with various faces from all over the world.

We use polypropylene as main material, without any toxic, irriating, stimulant, or glass fiber. Personalized design, high standard purchasing of raw material, well organized manufacture, high quality finished products, multiple types of style, multiple international standards, bring us to the global world. Our mask has the characteristics of soft and plump, high filtration, anti-low toxic, anti-virus, breathe freely, hygiene, comfort, good looking, convenience, safety, handsome and etc. We have an improved auto filter tested for developing our new products, raw materials, well control the quality of process and finished products.